Is it Safe for Minors to Have Internet Access?


In this century, most people find themselves using the internet for their everyday needs. The internet is used mainly to facilitate communication with anyone around the world and share information; but there has been a large amount of bad usage of this resource. Since the internet has become more accessible, minors are more at risk to the danger of the threats that the internet poses. An example of this is not having the correct adult supervision which can cause children to be in danger of the various threats that the internet can be open to. For example, sharing personal information such as name, address to even uploading pictures of them where in cases it can lead to stalking. Cyber bullying is another case where a certain individual can be bullied to the point of suicide for the harsh things another individual can express to them without showing their identity. The children who are online without supervision also have more risk of being sexually molested or seeing sexual images that they do not desire to see. An example is studies of Berson & Berson Study in 2005 of 10,000 adolescent girls showed that the statistics prove that “1 of 5 children report unwanted sexual solicitation” and “25% of those solicited reported they were significantly distressed by the event”. Another example accessibility to minors affect is also playing on-line games which can contain sexual and violent messages. Therefore, children should have more restrictions imposed upon them when they are in the internet based on the various risks that they might encounter and to be protected from the people who hide behind the screen who are simply looking for another victim.

Abstract :

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