Advertisements Affecting Teenagers

by Sarai



My new topic is on advertisements negative effects in teenage girls’ self-esteem, and the constant focus in women’s image taking an impact on teenage girls. My topic is like Tannem (1999) describes, a “crystal of many sides”, because there are many arguments to the topic which people many not see advertisements as a problem, or may not even realize the effect it has on teenagers; whereas there is many people who believe that advertisements do effect the young population and wish to make a difference of the outcome it has in them. The people whom I believe that are having these arguments are the media and the public, since the media wants to show a figure of perfection, and the public tries to achieve the ideal image, when in reality most of the advertisements are Photoshop and modified to create perfection. I believe that in this point “true dialog” cannot exist, because there is always the two sides who are attacking each other, such as feminist movements and advertisers, claiming how they are right and how the others are wrong. Also because there will continue to be advertisements with beautiful, skinny women, and it can take impact on how teenagers see themselves and have the desire of reaching that perfection. This issue has many sides since the public can too agree that advertisements promote skinny models which can encourage teens to lose weight or have a healthier diet.  Therefore, my focus will be on teenage girls affect when seeing advertisements by imitating and lowering their self-esteem if not fitting the ideal image and not fitting into society.