Holiday Advertisements

by Sarai


We are close to Christmas, which means shopping for families. Advertisements are beginning seen more now to attract the attention of everyone. What advertisements display in this period of time are new products and special savings for the holidays.

As I have been arguing this semester is that advertisements have a negative impact on teenage girls, but now that we are closer to the holiday’s advertisements are used more to displays products that make an urge for majority of costumers to desire the product. Advertisements are pulling the public into their product, and most of these adverrtisements are from the latest technology. Electronics in this season are the most sold product, but consumers tend to be persuaded to electronics that are not in need, but are in good price because of “Black Friday”  or simply specials and gift ideas.

Advertisements are being shown to attract children and teenagers to want and feel as if they need the product, and parents tend to do anything to meet that satisfaction. Although the products may not be in much need, people tend to be attracted into the product for the price and not so much for the necessity. For example, being in a crowded store when it is supposed to be a holiday may cause people to become aggressive to get the product on that great price, but what the families are forgetting is that even electronics are putting us aside from what are family values. Therefore, advertisements are creating influence within the consumers which lead them to the advertised item.


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