Problem and Solution

by Sarai


Through my blogs and advocating the influence advertisements have on teenage girls. What I mean by influence is the  way advertisements  focus in skinny being the accepted body size which later influences teenagers to believe that the average size should not be accepted nor beautiful. In the research I have made gave me stunning information of as explained that,

“The reported prevalence rate for anorexia nervosa is 0.48% among girls 15 to 19   years old. Approximately 1% to 5% of adolescent girls meet the criteria for bulimianervosa. Today, more than ever, adolescents are prone to concerns about their weight, shape, size and body image, and as a result, diet to lose weight” (Morris, 2003, para.1)

This information explained by Morris shows the reason why the influence of teenage girls is serious since they are putting their health at risk. Although the numbers are not as high of the girls that have meet the criteria for bulimia, these are only small amount that have gone the extra mille for trying to have the ideal body image by purging and vomiting to it into what is thought of being the perfect body size or shape.

The way I plan to solve this situation is by proposing more health education within dieting in high schools. I believe this can give more information to these teenage girls to understand the harm they are doing to their bodies. Also this can help them find new ways to diet by changing their eating or exercise habits to become health and look healthy as well. I hope to get this running by proposing it to the school board in the Monterey County to put it in practice if educating of dieting can help teenage girls to diet for their health and not for cosmetics.


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