Beginning of My Curiosity

by Sarai

Previous years, I had never thought of advertisements affecting female’s self-esteem. What has brought me to this stand of advocating on advertisements was after seeing the full video of Killing Us Softly 4 by Jean Killbourn (2010 ) in a service learning course at California State University, Monterey Bay.

This is a preview of the video.

This video showed me a visual of how advertisements lower women’s self-esteem by displaying them as vulnerable and extremely skinny. These images are compared daily by women who are affected, and reality is that most if not all are modified to look as if their body is perfect and ideal. The images are clearly far from reality, but females intend to interpret the images by over dieting and create self-conscious.

Although Jean Killbourn has been advocating the issue on advertisements for many years, this issue has not gotten any better, but instead it has gotten worst. I believe that this issue does not go as far as promoting it and talking about the issue, but rather to have companies to make a change of the messages they are displaying to the public.  This issue should be taken serious because the messages women and teenage girls are obtaining has a long-term effect  as shown by Jean Killbourn.

I encourage everyone to see this video since it has strong information which can be eye opening. What this video educated me in was by noticing the focus of the media on females bodies, which can have a long-term effect if body image does not consist with the advertisements portrait.  I encourage everyone to view the full video, and share your position after viewing.

Click here to view full Killing Us Softly