Sending a Different Message in Advertisements

by Sarai


Advertisements cannot be taken away from companies, since they are what sell products, but a change of reality can help the teenage population. What I mean by “change of reality” is to have average and realistic size models and mannequins to promote the realistic average size. By promoting average size women in advertisements will allow teenagers to accept their body image and instead of comparing it to what is far from obtaining, which is modified skinny and underweight women. I believe this will allow teenage girls and women to boost their confidence and be accepted by society by other concepts aside from the body image. Having average size models, can promote that there is not an ideal image, but rather to have a focus to be accepted by whom every individual is.

Advertisements should consider stopping promoting a constant image of beauty and skinny women. As explained in my advocacy report, teenager’s self-esteem becomes affected and to fit the ideal image women tend to diet. An agency of average size models is the Natural Model Management, which promote average size women who are beautiful and are realistic size. The models of Natural Model Management promote beauty, without having to be extremely skinny, but rather to show their body as it is. These models’ size varies from size 6 and up, and this agency does not consider the models to be “overweight” of “fat”, but rather realistic size.

Promoting average size models in advertisements can help the public to accept average as ideal size, instead of skinny.  Change of models can help the public to become more accepted of every body being unique, instead as seen apart for not fitting what the media displays.

Click here if you would like to see more average size model images.


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