Advocacy Report

My advocacy report is focused in the negatives that advertisements have had in teenage girls.The  reason I chose this topic was due to medias constant focus in women, and I wanted to learn if it was affecting teenage girls more than women. I later became amazed to find out that the media was affecting teenagers even more since they were more vulnerable to feel an urge to fit into society. This for me made my argument strong since  I became an advocate to inform others of this issue and to allow people to reflect how this issue can be fixed. Focusing on teenage females was difficult since most studies and statistics were based on women, but I was able to find incredible information I used to support my topic.

The purpose for my advocacy report is to put information together of this issue and inform  you, my reader, the effects and causes advertisements have on teenage girls. Within the paper, I also share my proposed solutions and how they can be put in practice.

I hope you enjoy reading my advocacy report.

Thank you.

If you will like to see my work, please feel free to read through my advocacy report linked below.  Felix_S_advocacyreport_chhs302