Advertisements Constant Focus on Women’s Image

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I have been researching on the way advertisements have been affecting teenagers by the way they see their bodies, leading the urge to fit into society. Within the research I was able to find more on the affects advertisements have had within teenagers, even the affects that I had not even thought of happening. Researching the issue brought to me the constant focus on women’s image within the media, which opened my eyes on the realistic cause of why teenagers are affected by women’s advertisements.

Medias’ constant focus on women looking ideal as beauty, flawless, and skinny is the affect in which teenagers are looking upon now more than ever. Teenagers are vulnerable in images and researching this issue gave me an input on a survey of teenagers in a school of San Francisco which 80% of girls claimed to be in diet to look good when in reality they were not all overweight. This showed how only images can create an impact on the way teenagers become self-conscious with images seem every day of ideal women.

I have been enjoying this topic for the cause in which not a lot of people are concern of this issue, but yet the effects have been seen and tested, but yet there is not much done about it. Further on in my paper I will speak about my proposed solutions to stop the constant focus in women’s image.