Child Neglect From the Mother

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An idea topic I had was child neglect from the mother. I was interested to focus on this topic since I was neglected from my mother at a young age, and now I see it happening to my little nephew. From personal experience I understand the negatives that occur as a child feeling left behind from his/her mother. Some examples of the struggles these children go through are feeling abandon, tying to find affection from the wrong crowds, and poor people skills. I believe this topic is important now due to the amount of children that are being neglected from their mothers and this was not seen previous years. For example, in past years it was seen more cases of father neglect of family and thought the mother always stays with her children. But now, there are more cases where the mother leaves her family and leaves the responsibility to the fatherĀ or any family member to take care for herĀ children. Having this happen now makes children feel they no longer matter, since it is thought that the mother should always be there for her children to love and care for them. I believe that the community should care for this happening, since it affects the neglected child and the way they react to the things around them. I believe this topic should be look into more, since there are not many studies of mother neglect, and more cases are seen more now, and there should be prevention now to save the children from neglect now, rather than later.