What I am Determined to Change

Through this semester I have focused on the topic of advertisement negative affect on teenage girls. What I mean by negative effect is the way the media has a constant focus in the way women’s image “should look like” or “ideal image”, which later has an influence in teenagers self-esteem and the way they achieve to look like.

What am I determined to do for this specific issue is try and make a movement of information for the teenage audience. To inform I plan o begin pamphlets with statistics which I have found, and information where they can assess help if they believe they or someone they know are being affected by advertisements women models. How I plan to begin this is by beginning distribution outside of a high school and get their attention, since they are my primary focus. Another plan I have for this issue is to try and get an inspirational speaker with this topic who is Jean Kilbourn. Getting Jean Kilbourn to do a speech in this area will show how much need of attention for this particular issue is needed. I believe that Jean Kilbourn will be inspirational since she is a professional with advertisement issues, which she is the ideal person to inform the teenage audience.

I hope to distribute this information by the beginning of next year, and hopefully get people to help and inform others to realize how advertisements have an influence in our feeling of our appearance overall, but most in teenage girls.