What I Have Learned so Far About My Topic and my Writing Process

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What I have learned about my topic is than I thought that was necessary. For example, I have came across to a blog of women’s right movement where in a department store there were two mannequins which ¬†were normal size 4 looking. From those mannequins, the public began to say if the store wanted to portray obesity, yes the mannequins were regular figure of an average women, not a size 0 or 00. Another thing that has stood out to me about my topic has been that the models have to be a size 0 to preform in a cat walk, which for me shows the reason why they look so good with the cloths they wear, but it plays with the head as well to imitate their image too. What I worry about is how bad advertisements have been affecting teenagers, and I wonder how much more effect it has taken in teenagers since they are in a developing stage of loving or hatting their bodies.¬†

As of my writing process I am still having difficulties in finding the correct words and limiting myself in adding words that I do not need. Another problem is that I tend to confuse my reader, by adding too much or making my writing messy.